The collaboration + workflow
solution for editorial teams.

Halve your draft to publish time. Enhance your editorial workflow. Boost your content team's productivity.

Collaborative Editing

Multiple users can edit different sections of an article at the same time, enhancing productivity without compromising control. Enhanced commenting with "@" mentions for direct team communication.

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An editorial team Collaboration + Workflow solution in WordPress for News, Media, Digital Publishers & Enterprises.


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Realtime Editing
Inline Commenting
Team Collaboration  
Guest Collaboration

Email notifications
Slack notifications
Role specific permissions
Accept or deny edits
Public preview links

Automatic notifications keep everyone informed, reducing the need for separate communication channels. Customizable role-based permissions enable team members to approve or reject edits.

Streamlined Workflow

How Does Multicollab Help Editorial Teams?

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How My Team Can Collaborate in WordPress With Multicollab?

Multicollab is designed specifically for digital publishers, newsrooms, and media companies aiming to enhance their content output.


It assists content teams looking to enhance their publishing speed and editorial workflow but feel constrained by current limitation of WordPress for collaborative editing.

Trusted by content and marketing teams at top-tier publishers, news firms, and media enterprises.

We were using the free version and after upgrading we worked with the support [team]  so we could successfully support 50 contributors that use WordPress as our core editorial management system. I fully expect it to transform our editorial process. We’re very happy with the [Multicollab] product and the company’s support.

Charles Araujo — Publisher at The Digital Experience Report


I have been using Multicollab for a few months now, and the technical foundation is solid. Multicollab has great features to improve productivity and speed for content creators using WordPress. I will continue to suggest WordPress VIP’s prospects consider using this tool to manage content creation, collaboration, and release effectively!

Evan Byrd — Solutions Engineer


Halve Your Draft to Publish Time

Real-time collaboration in WordPress with Multicollab eliminates the need for app switching, significantly reducing back-and-forth communication. Inline commenting in content for quick clarifications, streamlining the journey from draft to publish while keeping everything in one place.

Tailor your team's access with custom permissions and invite fresh perspectives through guest collaboration, all without losing oversight. Empower your editors with suggestion mode, where making the right call on edits is quick and clear, driving your content's quality and consistency to new heights.

Enhance Your Editorial Workflow

Features like @mentions for quick team alerts and the ability to assign comments to specific users, ensuring clear task distribution. Slack + email notifications keep the team updated, ensuring no task slips through the cracks. This combination ensures your content team is always in sync, significantly enhancing productivity.

Boost Your Content Team's Productivity

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Enterprise Grade Coding + Support

Enterprise-Grade Coding Standards

Multicollab has passed rigorous audits by WordPress VIP engineers, earning its status as a featured WordPress VIP Technology Partner. This recognition assures you of the highest coding practices and software quality.

Multicollab comes with comprehensive and detailed technical documentation, designed to facilitate smooth integration and customization for any enterprise  need.

Advanced Documentation for Seamless Integration

We're proud of our top-notch technical support, offering advanced help to solve any issues. Our support includes tailor-made Service Level Agreements (SLAs), meeting your unique business needs for assured reliability and satisfaction.

Dedicated Technical Support with Custom SLA

Enterprise Frequently Asked 

Does Multicollab work on WordPress Multisite or Headless WordPress?

Yes, Multicollab works on WordPress Multisite and Headless WordPress setups.

You can use Multicollab on multiple sites by either using WordPress Multisite or purchasing more than one subscription. How many subscriptions you’ll need depends on how many WordPress installs/domains you have. If you have more than one domain name or multiple WordPress installs, you’ll need a subscription for the number of installs or domains you have. Contact us with any further questions about multisite licenses!

How does the Multicollab license work for WordPress Multisite or Multiple Websites?

Yes, Multicollab offers safe collaboration in real-time. The information shared is protected using worldwide encryption standards when it moves between your web browser and the server using websockets. Also, we don’t keep any of your data on our servers, which means your collaboration activities remain private and secure.

Is Multicollab Secure? 

If Multicollab saves your team at least 10 hours in a year, it pays for itself. 
If it doesn’t, you’re guaranteed a full refund. 

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