Publishing with Multicollab + WordPress is 42% faster 🚀

Google Docs vs Multicollab

This side-by-side comparison will help you understand
why Google Docs is not the right tool for your Publishing Workflow.

Google Doc compare with Multicollab
Multicollab Compare with WordPress

You may need to invest more time in reformatting once you copy your content to WordPress.

You save time by drafting and editing your content directly on WordPress, so there is no need to do reformat.

Constantly toggling between Google Docs and WordPress for content collaboration slows your team down, jeopardizing your ability to meet deadlines.

You draft, edit, collaborate, and publish content without leaving WordPress editor, enabling you to publish faster.

You can’t create your own custom permissions and roles for collaborators.

You can create your own custom roles and permissions for authors, editors, and collaborators.


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Copy and pasting the content between Google Docs and WordPress can be inefficient, frustrating, and a big waste of time—Wouldn’t you agree?

Here are some FAQs we receive most often

Multicollab is great for content teams of all sizes: Whether it’s just two people or a team of hundreds, Multicollab ensures editorial workflows are made easier by enabling collaborative editing directly on the WordPress-Gutenberg interface. If your content requires a second opinion and collaboration, Multicollab will be perfect for your needs!

Currently, it only works with Gutenberg (Block Editor). 

You need a WordPress website, and you should be using the new Block Editor (Gutenberg editor) to use Multicollab. 

Multicollab does not currently have a co-editing or real-time editing feature.