​​The 4 Best WordPress Plugins for Remote Copywriters

​​The 4 Best WordPress Plugins for Remote Copywriters
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In today’s digital age, relying on pen, paper, and a keyboard isn’t enough for copywriters because they’re doing a lot more than just writing. No matter if they’re freelancing or working full time for an agency, remote copywriters are now required to know things like project management, how to create optimized content for SEO rankings, and website analytics. Basically, they have a lot to do all the time!

Luckily for them, they can better manage their work and handle multiple tasks thanks to WordPress plugins. With them, copywriters can maximize their personal toolbox with everything they need to create, collaborate, and publish.

How do WordPress Plugins Benefit Writers?

In short, whatever a remote copywriter might need to do on a website can be done with a WordPress plugin. This means that as long as they’re working on the WordPress platform, they no longer need to worry about juggling different apps and resources just to get their writing tasks done. 

The plugins also give writers back the freedom they need to completely focus on the quality of their work by taking care of the little things that suck uptime. Copywriters don’t have to set aside time to publish to multiple social media networks or come up with engaging titles and meta descriptions because the plugins will do it all! 

The 4 Best WordPress Plugins for Remote Copywriters

While there are many WordPress plugins that exist, there are some that are 100% essential for a copywriter’s toolbox. These specific ones below will not only streamline the writing and collaboration processes, but will ensure that each piece of content that is created is concise, engaging, and results-driven.

 1.     HubSpot

HubSpot’s WordPress plugin helps copywriters understand how audiences are responding to their work. The built-in analytics make it easy for them to see which pieces of copy are driving traffic, and which ones need to be reworked and repurposed to fit readers’ needs. Copywriters can use the data to strategically plan out their content and find potential trends for the future.

Besides the analytics, the plugin also provides simplified email marketing and automation. Copywriters can easily create the copy for newsletters and emails with pre-designed templates, and track engagement. 

2.     Yoast SEO

The Yoast SEO plugin gives remote copywriters everything they need to manage their SEO and keep their content competitive. The plugin offers in-depth analysis features that help writers know if their content is readable by people and search engines and if their posts are SEO-friendly with the right keyphrases. It also provides automatic internal linking suggestions and word optimization so that writers can always keep the reader experience at the forefront. 

3.     MultiCollab

Multidots’ Google-doc style plugin, Multicollab, has made collaboration efforts easier and quicker for remote copywriters and their editorial teams. The plugin allows copywriters to be more involved with the publishing process and take control of their work with features like inline commenting, tracking changes with Suggestion mode, and instant email notifications. With it, copywriters also won’t have a problem meeting deadlines because they’ll be able to make meaningful edits with their teams in real-time.

4.     Editorial Calendar

Remote copywriters rely on content calendars because their assignments usually consist of multiple steps that have different deadlines. The Editorial Calendar plugin is perfect for this type of planning because it gives copywriters and their editorial teams the flexibility they need to schedule out posts, assign dates to other steps such as researching and outlining, and even allows them to edit pieces right in the calendar.

Editorial Calendar also lets teams manage pieces from multiple writers and easily see the status of posts, which means that there is no reason for copywriters’ tasks to fall through the cracks. 

Start Creating with Plugins 

Remote copywriters that already have utilized WordPress plugins have found that because of them, they have the freedom to dedicate all their creative and mental energy back to their writing. They don’t have to worry about keeping track of marketing efforts, SEO, and collaboration notifications because the plugins keep everything in one place. 

For the writers that haven’t taken advantage of what the plugins have to offer, they’ll find that the list above will help them outperform and surpass goals with their copy. 

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