Get Your Q’s Answered about the New Multicollab Premium Plugin

Get Your Q’s Answered about the New Multicollab Premium Plugin
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What is Multicollab used for? 

Multicollab premium plugin is used to directly edit Gutenberg blocks in Google-doc style. Suitable for WordPress version 5.7.1, this plugin has application beyond editing just text in the form of Paragraph block, List block, Table block, Headings block, and Quote blocks to collaborate for all forms of content including Image block, Gallery block, Cover block, Audio block, File block, Video block, Pullquote block, Verse block, and Button block. 

Think of it as a user-friendly tool that is designed for small and large publishers. Distributed editorial teams with remote collaborators across various departments can leverage its features to work directly on web pages and posts. 

Besides working on granular content creation, this WordPress partner plugin has additional features that cater to managers and gives them an overview of the project’s progress. Clear data points are collected at each stage and a backup is created for review at any time.

What does it do?

Multicollab is an intuitive, all-in-one WordPress plugin that provides a centralized content review platform for publishers. Some of the many tasks that it facilitates are:

  • Inline commenting in posts for reviews like the suggestion mode in Google doc
  • Tagging team members in comments
  • Assigning work via comments to specific team members
  • Replying and resolving comments
  • Hiding comments that are not pertaining to the user. This makes editing a friendly experience
  • Adding links to comments and sharing them 
  • Receiving popup suggestions for specific texts
  • Notifying collaborators via email for new comments

Additionally, Multicollab also provides editorial backup. When a member leaves the project, his comments are reassigned to another for a smooth hand-over. 

Watch now for a quick demo on Multicollab. 

Can I get this plugin for free?

Yes. The basic version of the Multicollab plugin is free to download. Install it in 7 simple steps-

  1. Visit here and select the basic plan
  2.  Download the plugin which will be in a .zip format
  3. Log into your WordPress dashboard and click on ‘Plugins’ to add new.
  4. Click ‘Upload Plugin’ on the top of the page
  5. Upload the zip file from the ‘Choose File’ tab 
  6. Click on ‘Install Now’ 
  7. Click on ‘Activate Plugin’ 

You will require a backend infrastructure of- 

  • WordPress version 5.6 to 5.9
  • PHP version 7.0 to 8.0
  • Gutenberg version 8.6 to 10.7
  • Edge, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox server

Great! You are now all set to edit your WordPress page. Just select a text to add a comment. For more advanced features, you’ll need to try the premium version.

How many members does it allow to collaborate at a time?

Up to 100. This includes various stakeholders like editors, code developers, technical support providers, project managers, designers, and marketers. 

For a better experience, select members are given permission to edit the pages. You can also filter the comments by members, content type, and time to view responses that are relevant to your contribution. 

Does it allow simultaneous editing?

Just like in Google Docs, Multicollab allows for commenting simultaneously within the plugin but not in the post. You can simply select the text where you want to add a comment and right-click. A dropdown menu will show the ‘Comment’ option. 

By using ‘@’ and typing a member’s name, you can tag them in the comment. Members also receive notification in their inbox if they are invited to collaborate on the project. 

You can add and edit comments in this best wordpress project management plugin

if you are tagged as an administrator, super administrator, or editor. However, you cannot edit or delete comments posted by other members. 

The latest plugin version also comes with an asynchronous commenting option. 

How does Multicollab improve the workflow?

Multicollab is one of those WordPress productivity plugins that reduce time and effort in managing blog posts for a distributed editorial team. ‘Complete’ and ‘simple’ are the two words publishers use to describe us as they no longer are required to work on an offline document or a Google doc to exchange notes, feedback, and reviews on WP pages. 

Compatible with WP multisite, this plugin lets them edit across a wide range of content including texts, videos, images, and audio files within Gutenberg itself. It also tracks changes and filters comments by users, content categories, and time stamps. It throws up the latest comments and activities on each post using advanced reports

Managers across departments can access real-time progress on their projects and streamline the process of developing content, making their inputs more result-driven. Its response within 24-hour timeframe for support is also great value addition. 

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