Multicollab 3.7: What’s New!

Anjali Rastogi
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    With Multicollab 3.7, your WordPress editorial workflows and team collaboration will be better than ever. 

    Take A Look At What’s New in Multicollab 3.7 👀 

    ✨ Enhancements

    • Multicollab is also now compatible with WordPress 6.3 [Free & Premium Version]
    • The Guest collaboration feature has undergone significant enhancements and is now more robust. [Free Version]

    🛠️ Bug Fixes in version 3.7 Premium Version 

    • Users can now make suggestions for Inline image size changes.
    • Minor fixes have been implemented for the Multiple Suggestions feature. 
    • Minor fixes have been implemented in Suggestions over the Comment feature.

    We’re eagerly anticipating your experience with Multicollab version 3.7, confident that its enhancements and bug fixes will significantly enhance your collaborative efforts and streamline your publishing process within WordPress.

    What Multicollab Users Are Raving About

    ❤️ Help us make Multicollab even better! 

    Get all the collaboration features of Google Docs in WordPress
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    • Multicollab can increase 2x speed to your publishing workflow.
    • WordPress is built and designed for publishing while Google Docs is not!
    • Protect your content within the safety of your company’s infrastructure.
    • Async collaboration with remote editorial teams is the future of publishing.
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