Multicollab 4.2: Empowering Suggestions with New Features

Anjali Rastogi

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    We are thrilled to introduce Multicollab’s newest release – version 4.2. This release showcases many new features, enhancements, and expanded functionalities, particularly within the Suggestions feature. The latest version promises to elevate and streamline your editorial workflows. So, let’s look at how Multicollab 4.2 can further enhance collaborative editing for WordPress users.

    🆕 New

    • Users can now add comments to an entire gallery block.
    • Users can now add comments to Gutenberg widget category blocks (Latest Comment, RSS, Archives, Calendar). 

    ✨ Enhancements 

    • The dashboard activity now provides a comprehensive display of collaborator details.
    • Users will now have the ability to set their initial tab preference upon opening a WordPress page.
    • Administrators can access real-time collaboration permissions within the dedicated settings tab.
    • Multicollab now offers integrated support for the Publish Press block.
    • Multicollab is compatible with Getwid blocks.
    • The ACF block issue has been successfully addressed and resolved.

    New functionalities in the ‘Suggestions’ Feature

    • Users can now add suggestions to newly added images across various blocks. Applicable to Image, Gallery, Cover, Media & Text Blocks. 
    • Users can now suggest changes for swapping out pictures/images in various content elements, including pictures, galleries, covers, and text sections.
    • Users can now suggest edits for cropping images within an Image Block. 
    • Users can now add suggestions for adding or replacing audio and video content.
    • Users can now provide suggestions for adding, updating, or removing text within the Video Block.
    • Users can now add suggestions within the Cover Block, allowing for adjustments such as toggling full heights, applying Douton Filter, and changing content position.
    • Users can now receive Slack notifications when a collaborator joins or leaves a page/post. 

    🗣️👂Your feedback is priority number one! ❤️

    Are you curious about how Multicollab 4.2 can improve your editorial strategy? Stay tuned for more insights and updates!

    Happy Collaborating!

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