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Nimesh Patel
VIP Premium Plan

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    BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Our new VIP plan is finally available! Multicollab Version 3.0 had been our biggest release ever, packed with lots of new features and improvements. And now, we are releasing version 3.1 with even more improvements, bug fixes, and a VIP Plan.

    A significant number of users and customers have been asking us for features and integration in Multicollab, such as:

    • The ability to attach a document on any comment.
    • Get Slack notifications (on top of email notifications) whenever someone mentions, replies, resolves comments or adds suggestions to the content.
    • The ability to accept or reject all existing suggestions in the post with just one click.
    • The ability to use Multicollab in various other languages with Multilingual.

    Here are the big new features available in VIP Plan:

    🆕 Slack Integration

    If you and your team use Slack to communicate internally, you can receive important Multicollab notifications in the Slack channel of your choice.

    • Instant Slack notifications make team collaboration more accessible and allow collaborators to stay in the loop.
    • You will get real-time updates for activities like mentions, new comments, new suggestions, and resolved comments or suggestions in your Slack channel. This allows you to fit Multicollab in a place you know your team will be checking all day!

    Slack Integration
    Slack Integration
    Slack Integration
    Slack Integration

    🆕 Attach a document to any comment

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures! The attach document feature allows you to share additional references and context to your comment.

    • Collaborators can attach images or documents to their comments and replies.
    • The attach document feature allows you to express your thoughts with screenshots, screencasts, audio messages, etc.
    Attach a document
    Attach a document

    🆕 Accept or Reject All Suggestions

    This simple yet effective feature will surely help publishers and content creators boost their efficiency as they can now accept or reject all the existing suggestions in the post with a single click.

    Here is how it works:

    • Click on the Multicollab icon displayed at the top right corner of the editor.
    • Click on the ‘Review All Suggestions’ tab shown under the activity center.
    • Now you will find two buttons — ‘Accept All’ and ‘Reject All’.
    • Clicking on the ‘Accept All’ button will accept all the existing suggestions in the post.
    • Clicking on the ‘Reject All’ button will reject all the existing suggestions in the post.
    Accept or Reject Comments in WordPress Editor
    Accept or reject all suggestions for a given post with a single click

    🆕 Multilingual Support

    Multilingual Support is a great feature. It helps in enhancing the accessibility of the Multicollab plugin for users who do not follow the English language. With this feature, our users can use the Multicollab plugin in 6 different languages – German, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, French, and Bengali. All data relating to the Multicollab plugin (comment and suggestion boards, settings, dashboard, activity center, etc.) will sync according to the language selected by the user.

    Multilingual Support
    Multilingual Support
    Multilingual Support
    Multilingual Support

    🌟 Other improvements in Multicollab 3.1


    • Minor fixes in the activity summary
    • Console error fixes

    Enhanced [All Premium Plans]:

    • Improved commenting for dynamic blocks

    🚀 Upgrade to our VIP Plan

    Here is a step-by-step instruction to upgrade to our VIP plan. Unlock all exclusive new VIP features today by upgrading your existing plan now.

    • Step 1: Click here to upgrade to our VIP Plan.
    • Step 2: Click the ‘Buy VIP’ button.
    • Step 3: Click on the ‘Renewing or upgrading a license?’ option.
    • Step 4: Enter the existing key (which you currently use to activate the Multicollab plugin) and click on ‘Apply’.
    • Step 5: Confirm the prorated amount and upgrade at once.
    • Step 6: Update or download the new Multicollab Plugin version 3.1 on your website.
    • Go To: Your website’s WordPress Admin ➡ Plugins ➡ Click on the ‘Change License’ option.
    • Step 7: Click on the ‘Other’ option, enter the new key, and then click on the ‘Update License’ button.

    New customers can now purchase VIP Plan.

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    We can’t wait for you to try the new VIP Plan, and we hope that all these improvements and added features will help you collaborate better and publish faster in WordPress than ever before!

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    Nimesh Patel is the Product Manager and Growth Hacker at Multicollab. For the past 10 years, he has been a prolific marketer and product builder in the WordPress and e-commerce industry.