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Comment, Suggest and Collaborate in WordPress without switching back and forth between WordPress and other Apps.

real-time collaboration and suggestions feature in Multicollab dashboard

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Collaborating with content teams inside WordPress with Multicollab increase is 2x faster you and your team.

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Works in Your Workflow

  • Email notifications
  • Slack notifications
  • Custom roles and permissions
  • Works in Block Editor (Gutenberg)
  • Advanced reports and activities
Works in Your Workflow

Your favorite collaboration features of
Google Docs in WordPress

Real time collaboration feature
Suggestion Mode
Team Collaboration
Email Notification
guest collaborator feature
Slack Notification
Reports and activity
Custom Permission

Questions? Answers.

Multicollab is great for content teams of all sizes: Whether it’s just two people or a team of hundreds, Multicollab ensures editorial workflows are made easier by enabling collaborative editing directly on the WordPress-Gutenberg interface. If your content requires a second opinion and collaboration, Multicollab will be perfect for your needs!

We’re constantly working to improve Multicollab and make it more widely available. The plugin is currently fully-compatible with Gutenberg versions 14.2 to 16.7, WordPress versions 6.2 and above, and PHP versions 7.0 to 8.1.

Yes, you can use Multicollab on custom post types.

Yes, Multicollab works on WordPress Multisite and Headless WordPress setups. 

  • Enjoy the benefits of Google Docs, without the downside.
  • Stay within the WordPress workflow you love.
  • Data is yours.
  • Unlimited collaborators.
Author quote

Collaboration is the default in content creation apps like Canva, Notion, Sketch, Google Docs, and Microsoft 365, except WordPress.

Yup- while it’s easier than ever to start online publishing (thanks, WordPress!), it’s harder than ever to publish content faster and collaboratively.

Most content teams have 3 challenges with WordPress and Collaboration:

  • Multiple authors can’t edit or collaborate in real-time in a WordPress post. 
  • There’s no real way to directly leave comments on a piece of content in WordPress and empower collaboration. 
  • Copy and pasting the content between Google Docs (or other apps) and WordPress leads to critical errors and wasted time.

We understand how frustrating that is for teams of all sizes seeking to improve their collaborative output!

That’s why we built Multicollab: a plugin that enables you to collaborate directly within WordPress with commenting, tagging, replying, and much more!

We’ve helped over 200 publishers and content teams (like yours) to collaborate in WordPress.

Anil Gupta
Anil Gupta

Founder of Multicollab


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