Join and invite others for the Connect4 Challenge @ WCUS

Anil Gupta
Connect4 Challenge

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    We’ve missed connecting with our peers and partners in the WordPress community and thought what better way to jump back in at WordCamp than to have a game running in our booth!

    We’re very proud of our work on the Multicollab plugin but thought we needed more than a demo in our booth – so join us for a friendly round of Connect4 at the Multicollab booth at WCUS!

    Challenge your friends you haven’t seen in years, or make new friends while connecting the dots!

    Winners will receive a prize, while losers are free to challenge others and participate as much as they want.

    Use #Connect4WCUS to find other players on Twitter, or comment on this blog and tag a friend!

    How will the game work?

    • Find the Multicollab booth at WCUS. 
    • Bring a friend or find someone else nearby to play against. 
    • We’ll be live blogging the results of the games and tally winners throughout the event on and capturing the fun and spirit of the community.

    Here is a template that you can use to invite your friends to the Connect4 game challenge. 

    Social Media 

    Hi <@mention-friendname>, I challenge you to play a Connect4 game against me during WCUS at Multicollab Booth. Learn More.


    Hey [friendname]!
    I’m looking forward to connecting with you this week in San Diego! Multicollab booth has a Connect4 game, and I’d like to invite you for a Connect4 game challenge with me. It would be fun, and there are some prizes for the winners. 
    Comment on this blog, post on social media or reply to this email if you accept the challenge. Let’s figure out what works best for you for the game!

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    Anil is the Founder of Multidots, Multicollab, and Dotstore, renowned for helping enterprise brands like PepsiCo,, Penguin Random House, and Sirius XM with WordPress publishing.