Multicollab: How to Reduce Your Editorial Team’s Collaboration Issues

Nimesh Patel
Multicollab: How to Reduce Your Editorial Team’s Collaboration Issues

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    Between the many deadlines and constant editing, editorial teams have it hard. The content they are publishing is not only a representation of them but also represents their organization, which means all their work requires laser-sharp focus and meticulous attention to detail. The problem with this is that many editorial teams don’t have the level of collaboration required to keep up this focus and detailing, leading to eventual quality assurance issues and the inability to take back control of their workflows.

    The good news is that collaboration issues don’t have to be the downfall of editorial teams thanks to Multidots’ WordPress plugin, Multicollab. With it, teams can establish best practices for improved communication and collaboration so that they can work together as a single unit to create superior pieces of content.

    What is Multicollab?

    Multicollab is Multidots’ WordPress plugin brainchild. It allows for Google Docs-style editorial commenting on WordPress, which means that editorial teams now have a resource to make their publishing experience more meaningful and 100% results-driven. With it, they can quickly and simply provide more editorial feedback and improve collaboration through its unique features, leading to higher-quality content creation.

    Because the plugin specifically works with Gutenberg, you won’t have to worry about any limitations. You’ll be able to comment and fully collaborate on Gutenberg’s various blocks with Multicollab, and will still find ways to further streamline your workflows for your editorial and tech teams.

    How Does Multicollab Improve Collaboration?

    Collaboration is the key behind great content creation because it allows for goals and outcomes to be reached that wouldn’t have been possible without working together. Multidots kept this thought in mind when creating Multicollab, and now, the plugin has proven how it can transform collaboration in more ways than one.

    1. Instant Email Notifications

    The days of saying “I didn’t see the notification come through yet” are over. Multicollab provides editorial teams with instant email notifications about changes and suggestions that team members have tagged each other in. 

    These instant notifications are extremely beneficial for improved collaboration because they don’t allow anything to be missed. Even if your team members don’t see the notification through your platform, you can guarantee that they will have received an email about it as soon as it was sent. This forces your team to take care of issues in a more timely manner and to get used to communicating with one another more frequently.

    1. Comment on Any Text and Media

    Editorial teams have found that commenting during the editing process can be difficult. Not only do they have to place comments in odd places due to limited capabilities, but these comments can be missed or misunderstood.

    Multicollab closes this gap with its ability to comment on any text or media. This means that you can now place comments directly on all the problem areas within your content and easily guide your team with your editing suggestions. With it, all of you can stay on the same page and you’ll ultimately save more time during the editing process.

    1. Track Changes Through Suggestion Mode

    Editorial teams can now keep track of all changes and suggestions and streamline their workflows with just one platform thanks to Multicollab’s Suggestion Mode. With the feature, you and your team can easily find and reference different comments or changes to ensure that the right edits are being made and that everyone agrees on what the end product should look like. You’ll never have to worry about anyone being a few steps behind again!

    1. Additional Quality Control With Advanced Reports

    All your team’s collaboration efforts can always be better. With Multicollab’s Advanced Reports feature, you can get a more in-depth insight into your organization’s commenting and suggesting activities. Besides ensuring that your team is on the same page during the editing process, the feature is crucial because it allows you to keep track of productivity. You’ll have a better understanding of where efforts are being distributed and can see how communication and collaboration differ on your various pieces.

    How Multidots is Transforming WordPress

    Multidots, a WordPress VIP Gold Partner, understand how important proper collaboration has become in the publishing world  — especially as editorial teams continue to navigate through complex times in 2022. Their aim to make the publishing experience more meaningful is evident in all their work.

    Multicollab is just one example of how Multidots has successfully streamlined workflows to ensure that each collaboration effort is efficient and results-oriented. With it, organizations can see how their work improves in real-time thanks to the plugin keeping them constantly connected.

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    Nimesh Patel is the Product Manager and Growth Hacker at Multicollab. For the past 10 years, he has been a prolific marketer and product builder in the WordPress and e-commerce industry.