5 Ways Multicollab Streamlines Your Editorial Workflow

Nimesh Patel
5 Ways Multicollab Streamlines Your Editorial Workflow

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    Can’t edit in Gutenberg? Multicollab is the one-stop solution for easy content collaboration in WordPress. Aside from its ability to post directly from the plugin into WordPress, this work tool has features that have understated benefits. These benefits may seem simple but when added up, they create a streamlined process that enhances your workflow and gets your content out faster.

    Below are the 5 major benefits of installing Multicollab –

    1. Reduces editorial review back-and-forth

    You have been copy-pasting changes from Google Docs onto your Gutenberg page. Now you can carry out the editorial review for WordPress Gutenberg directly in the block components by typing comments in the plugin. 

    Just like in Google docs, you can type comments, reply and resolve them in Multicollabs’ inline commenting feature. You can assign these comments and tag colleagues for a response.

    Up to 100 members can be added to your editing team and they can all comment asynchronously. 

    A new, soon-to-be-implemented, feature will also allow for the attachment of images and documents in the comments to support the suggestions. 

    2. Enables quick last-minute changes 

    On average, a website has small changes being done almost every day and big changes, like revamp of certain sections, every couple of years. Apart from navigation and other user experience components, your content, too, requires updating. It is a common practice to repurpose the most popular content on your web page to drive new traffic to the site. 

    Making an infographic out of an article or a presentation deck from a podcast requires reworking your existing content. Without effective communication, this job may take as long as creating it from scratch.  

    Multicollab offers you the option of receiving email notifications for the comments in the plugin. Thus, updates and approvals can be processed and adaptation issues can be resolved faster. 

    Technically, too, Multicollab helps in quick content updation. Since this WordPress partner plugin is directly built into WP, uploading of content in a new format is quick and there is no need to re-edit it.

    3. Lends greater managerial control 

    Members can be tagged as administrators, super administrators, and editors with varying editing access to the comments. However, they cannot edit or delete comments posted by other members. 

    To keep the dashboard clean and help focus on the relevant piece of content, comments can be filtered by user, content category, and time stamp. 

    You can also generate reports on the progress of your project with the advanced reports feature. This gives actionable insights with statistics to facilitate easy analysis. It also throws up an activity timeline that monitors collaboration and tracks progress across all pages and posts with the filtration of comments. A ‘Quick Snapshot Reporting’ is also provided for the latest comment activities on each page and post.

    As your team grows, these WordPress productivity plugins go from being just good-to-have to becoming a necessity. 

    4. Provides editorial backup 

    Content creation is always work-in-progress. Over a period of time, some members might leave and new ones may be added to the project. In such a scenario, comments made by the person who is no longer a part of the team are still retained in the Google doc. There is also a way to generate automatic backups of your Google sheets. 

    However, there is still a hiccup in tracking old suggestions and tasks assigned. With a bigger scale project, this problem gets compounded. Multicollab goes one step further and allows for the reassignment of these comments to another member. 

    A smooth handover for editorial workflow backup is thus facilitated with no loss of previous work/ input. With the additional option of attaching documents and images in the comment, this plugin makes it possible to instantly access the older work for reference. 

    5.  Integration with Slack (underway)

    Your team spends more time on their mobile phones than desktops. This is why you must send them important notifications on their phones where it’s easier for them to log in daily or even hourly. 

    Roughly half of the Fortune 100 business companies pay to use Slack. Multicollab will soon activate this feature where you can access mentions, replies, and other comment activities for WP pages in your Slack channel.  

    With this feature, you can expedite the whole WordPress edit workflow, implement changes and keep suggestions more organized compared to chatrooms.

    New age tool for editing

    At the base of the above benefits lies the inline commenting feature from Multicollab which has a rippling effect on every aspect of publishing. Combined with the rest, these WordPress editing tools do away with the need to have a separate communication channel for your team. 

    In sharp contrast to long email chains with a dozen members marked in copy, your team can now access instantly all the comments and feedback. This also gives them clarity on the job scope and ownership as these comments are on display for the entire team. With these advantages, your project gets empowered to streamline its workflow and helps you to control costs. Along with promoting better collaboration at work these tools also boost the overall morale and productivity of the team.

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    Nimesh Patel is the Product Manager and Growth Hacker at Multicollab. For the past 10 years, he has been a prolific marketer and product builder in the WordPress and e-commerce industry.