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Automated Page Audit Workflow

Implement an automated workflow to keep web pages up to date:

  1. Audit Frequency Setting: Require setting an audit frequency (e.g., 1, 2, 3 months/years) during page publication.
  2. The last audit date can be manually edited.
  3. Notification System: Send automated email reminder to the page author when the audit deadline is reached.
  4. Review Process: The author sends a publishing request after review; the web editor then reviews and approves it.
  5. Audit Date Update: automated update the last audit date to the new publishing date after approval.

Change Types: Differentiate between minor edits (e.g., typos) and full page audits. So that minor changes will not update the “Last audit date”

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  1. Hi Tommy,

    Thank you for your valuable feedback and for suggesting new features for the Multicollab plugin. We appreciate your insight, which helps us improve and provide a better experience for our users.

    We will review your suggestions and discuss them with our internal team.

    Thank you,

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