How to Control Developmental Editing Rates within a Team

Nimesh Patel
How to Control Developmental Editing Rates within a Team

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    Remote work has become the new facet of the work culture environment. Hop in front of your computer screen and peek into your coworkers’ at-home cubicle. As much as teams have been physically moved from the office and back into the comfort of their pajamas, there are ways in which we have learned to still be part of a team. Thankfully, Project Managers have a surplus of project management tools at their disposal to help the transition be seemingly sensical from a developmental editing cost standpoint.

    Control the editing cost 

    Cost Control is the organization of funds and costs per project. This information is often compared to the actual budget for proper monitoring. It is best for the prevention of overspending and to help minimize spending wherever possible. And it is easy to spend money frivolously when costs seem low but these costs snowball into an avalanche of budget-affecting hurdles that can impede your project’s development. Printing multiple drafts, paying project managers for extra hours, and paying for the office space are hidden costs of publishing as they are indirect to the project’s process.  The process involves building your budget from the conception of the project and using practical planning to map out the cost of every path leading to its completion. This is called Cost Planning. And part of the cost planning will involve full site editing WordPress to ensure the project runs as smoothly as possible once in the execution part of the project.

    Collaborative editing

    We can avoid many of these losses in budget with proper usage of time. Implementing rounds of edits in your time frame can help avoid mistakes that will bite down on your efficiency.  Editing is a process in which the content is revised and changes can be applied during this phase throughout the final version.  Ask journalists and they will tell you the minimum rounds of edits should be 2. But there is never a guarantee that all finished products will be accomplished by the second round. Many editor forums will inform you that some assets will go as high as 7 rounds. These rounds of extra edits are to help accomplish the content’s objective by the time it’s completed. Any hiccups that are missed during the editing process will cause delays. One of the best ways to avoid costs, whether it is funds or time, is to have an infrastructure/ process for collaborative editing. Collaboration allows for cross-checking errors and utilizes all available resources. If your team is constantly aware of all the edits that are being made during each round, it is easier to apply corrections. 

    Editing workflow tools 

    Mutlicollab’s plugin provides workflow collaboration tools with which everyone on the team gets full visibility of what is currently occurring in your workspace. This full visibility allows for your team to leave comments, mention your team members for immediate attention, reply to comments, and much more. The Multicollab workspace removes the four walls that currently divide us in our virtual meetings and puts our coworkers on the same page. Literally. 

    This WordPress editorial workflow plugin makes website building and content management effortless. Commenting is laid out in Lorem Ipsum, a style that has been utilized since the 1600s and has been the standard for all document commenting. While it is common, many sites will charge for access to the feature. Microsoft Word is still $160 today. Why eat up your budget when there are sites like Mutlicollab that are already integrated into WordPress? All comments and changes are made visible to the entire team. In Multicollab, you have an activity tab. In the activity tab, you will find all the changes, comments, actions, and requests- all in one location. As opposed to chasing down your coworkers, all your questions about your team’s activity can be directed to the activity page. From editing footers, headers, and home buttons, the activity page shines a light on them all.

    Improve publishing workflow

    Once you have gone through all the collaborative changes, publishing is an easy and free click. Your content publishing workflow is rendered seamless as well. Once you are ready to post, the changes are taken out of draft mode and laid out publicly. All the comments that were mentioned during draft mode do not get deleted, they are available to the team but not to the public consumer. This gives access to all the changes and comments that have been made prior to publishing. On average the costs of publishing and maintenance can secretly leak out of your wallet. Costs can range as high as 500 a month for something that can be done on your own “free” time.

    In comparison to how much time and resources you will be saving, the going rate for a content and development editor is $.029 a word or $45 an hour minimum. The time that involves researching and bringing the editor up to speed can cause delays for a project manager. And as you receive the feedback, your project will face evolutions throughout and you may want to explore different routes. It’s one thing to have project management skills but it’s another set to have Change Management skills. The cost of outsourcing wordpress projects may not increase but the cost of consistent work due to the natural changes that occur in every project while managing the other changes that occur to the team. A change in deadlines, systems, roles, and staff are costs to time that affect the entire project. 

    Do it Google Doc-style

    Many of the costs come with a lack of research for cost-efficient alternatives for the editorial aspects of your project. But many freelancers are experts in utilizing free collaborative sites as starting off any project will involve searching for efficient alternatives. Multicollab’s doc-style editing embedded right into a website host is the quickest and most inexpensive way to get your web project up and running. View Multicollab’s features to learn more about your Wordpress project can benefit from this free tool. You have nothing to lose!

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    Nimesh Patel is the Product Manager and Growth Hacker at Multicollab. For the past 10 years, he has been a prolific marketer and product builder in the WordPress and e-commerce industry.