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Multicollab is great for content teams of all sizes: Whether it’s just two people or a team of hundreds, Multicollab ensures editorial workflows are made easier by enabling collaborative editing directly on the WordPress-Gutenberg interface. If your content requires a second opinion and collaboration, Multicollab will be perfect for your needs!

Multicollab’s free version has limited support and doesn’t include features such as suggestion mode, Slack notification, Multilingual, custom permission, etc. The Premium version gives you access to pro support and more features. You can see features available in premium versions.

Yes, if you are an agency and want to learn more about Multicollab and what it offers, click here to read more. We are also happy to connect with you to discuss any questions you may have contact us.

If you are creating and publishing content with WordPress, you will love all these benefits of using Multicollab.

Our publishing clients who’ve started to use Multicollab instead of Google Docs have experienced significant improvements in their content creation and publishing speeds. Multicollab cuts all the time and trips to copy and paste one’s content between Google Docs and WordPress, while also enabling content creators to take advantage of reusable content blocks, rich content formatting blocks, and other invaluable benefits of WordPress’s native content editor. This video shows how using Multicollab can improve your publishing speed by 42%.  

Multicollab is excellent for content teams of all sizes. Here are a few use cases of how small teams collaborate and save time with Multicollab: 

  • Use as a self-note during the content drafting process: You can use Multicollab to leave notes for yourself while drafting content. You can easily highlight any part of the content you would like to review or update later and add notes as comments to select parts of your content.  
  • Use to proofread your content effectively: Multicollab is a convenient tool during the proofreading phase of your project. When you or your team needs to proofread the final draft, you can highlight corrections to your content by leaving inline notes as comments. You can also use the ‘Suggest Edits’ feature to highlight the edits you made without overwriting the original content. Sharing corrections and edits with your external content writers using Multicollab is much more effective, convenient, and fast than with other services. 
  • Perform developmental editing (content editing) like a pro: You can review content for its flow, readability, and ease of understanding at this stage. You can leave inline notes/comments using Multicollab on the different parts of the content that you think need correction, improvement, and/or other changes. You can also update or delete any part of the content, and it will be highlighted or crossed out in different colors using Multicollab’s ‘Suggest Edit’ feature. This way, you will see all the edits you made to the original draft before deciding which version you’d like to keep.

Yes, you can find all the resources and media assets to feature Multicollab on your website or blog.

Billing & Subscriptions

We have a no questions asked 30-day refund policy. If you are not happy with Multicollab, simply send us a support ticket, and we will promptly refund your entire purchase price.

You can use Multicollab on multiple sites by either using WordPress Multisite or purchasing more than one subscription. How many subscriptions you’ll need depends on how many WordPress installs/domains you have. If you have more than one domain name or multiple WordPress installs, you’ll need a subscription for the number of installs or domains you have. Contact us with any further questions about multisite licenses!

License keys are subscription-based and will automatically renew every year. If you decide to cancel, you may still use a plugin, but you will no longer receive updates or support once the license key expires.

We accept all major credit cards and we use PayPal and Stripe as our payment gateways to accept payments.


We’re constantly working to improve Multicollab and make it more widely available. The plugin is currently fully-compatible with Gutenberg versions 8.6 to 10.7, WordPress versions 5.6 and above, and PHP versions 7.0 or 8.0.

Yes, Multicollab works on WordPress Multisite and Headless WordPress setups. 

Currently, it only works with Gutenberg (Block Editor). 

By default, all Super Admin, Administrator, and Editor roles can view, edit, delete, reply, and resolve comments and suggestions on any post or page. Authors and Contributors can only add, edit, delete, reply to, and resolve their own posts’ comments. You can customize and design permissions for different roles with Multicollab Premium plans, giving you more advanced control over users’ permissions and roles for commenting and suggesting. 

You need a WordPress website, and you should be using the new Block Editor (Gutenberg editor) to use Multicollab. 

It works on any type of posts and pages. It also works on custom post types. 

Learn: How to use suggestion mode. You can use the suggestion feature only on specific blocks now. Check this for compatibility and limitation of the suggestion feature.

Current Limitations of Comments and Suggestions:

  • Support comments/suggestions on dynamic content blocks but not on individual elements.
  • Suggestions on media content are not yet supported.
  • Table block suggestions are not yet supported.

Commenting: You can comment on text and media in reusable and custom blocks. Commenting on a dynamic block’s content is not supported, but you can comment on the entire block.  

Suggestion: Yes, add suggestions in custom, dynamic, and reusable blocks. It is compatible with Gutenberg blocks. Learn more.

Yes, you can comment on the entire block as well as part of the content in that block. 

Yes, You can Invite others to co-edit this post in real-time. Coeditors can edit and publish simultaneously. It is available on all the plans.

Comment: You can comment on any text or media content, the entire block, or even the content (text and media) of reusable and custom blocks. You can comment on types of native Gutenberg blocks. To view the accepted blocks for comments, please review the below link: Commenting Feature: Compatibility & Limitation.

Suggestions: You can use the suggestion feature only on specific blocks at this moment. Check this for compatibility and limitation of the suggestion feature.

Current limitations of Comments and Suggestions: 

  • Support comments/suggestions on dynamic content blocks but not on individual elements.
  • You can add suggestions to captions of Media blocks but not add suggestions on Media blocks (Image, Gallery, Audio).
  • Table block suggestions are not yet supported.

You can not simultaneously use suggestion features and real-time editing. Learn more.

Up to 5 people can edit and comment at the same time on single posts, and There is no limitation on the number of users on a website.


  • PRO support includes email-based support within 24 hours of response.
  • Elite support includes Slack and Zoom connection within 24 hours of response.

We have a dedicated support team to help with anything you need. We’re available 9 a.m. thru 4 p.m. EST, Mon-Fri, and strive to answer all customer requests within 24 hours.

You will get dedicated expert support as well as access to our dedicated Slack support channel.

Enterprise support includes Slack, phone, and email support with 1 Business Day Response + Dedicated Expert Support. We’re available 9 a.m. thru 4 p.m. EST, Mon-Fri.

Yes, we offer customization and installation support and services. Please contact us to get a quote. 

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